“There was almost nowhere else than at a rock festival where it felt like one could tap so deeply and directly into the communal coronary artery of the counterculture.”–Bill Mankin

This page is dedicated to mapping prominent pop/rock festivals during the rock music era.  The map at bottom includes the following festivals, along with dates and estimated attendance.

Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival (1967) (Ca)

Monterey Pop Festival (1967) (Ca.)

Schaefer Music Festival (1967) (NYC)

Pop & Underground Festival (1968) (Fla.)

Northern California Folk Rock Festival (1968)  

Summerfest (1968) (Wisconsin)

Newport Pop Festival (1968) (Costa Mesa)

Sky River Rock Festival (1968) (Washington)

San Francisco Pop Festival (1968)

Los Angeles Pop Festival (1968)

Miami Pop Festival (Dec 1968)

Palm Springs Pop Festival (1969)

Big Rock Pow-Wow (1969) (Fla.)

North California Folk-Rock Festival II (1969)

First Annual Detroit Rock & Roll Revival (1969)

Newport 69 Pop Festival (1969)

Denver Pop Festival (1969)

Mississippi River Festival (1969)

Atlanta International Pop Festival I (1969)

Laurel Pop Festival (1969) (Laurel, MD)

Summer Pop Festival (1969)

Midwest Rock Festival (1969) (Wis.)

Seattle Pop Festival (1969)

Singer Bowl Music Festival (1969) (Queens, NY)

Atlantic City Pop Festival (1969)

Woodstock (1969)

Altamont Free Concert (1969) (Ca.)