This page contains three distinct maps.  The first is a map of the bands/artists who performed at Drew, but for the years they were NOT at Drew.  The goal here was to create a visualization of the touring pattern of these acts beyond just our starting point, Drew University.  Further, the second map details concerts on college or university campuses, an intentional point of emphasis for the project, on a national scale.  This map is particularly insightful in grasping the significant role colleges and universities played in nurturing rock music culture’s development during its formative years.  Finally, the third map is a detailing of the itineraries of bands/artists who performed at both the Monterey Pop Festival (June, 1967) and Woodstock (August, 1969).  The purpose with this map is to broaden still further the pattern of rock music culture’s growth during these years, using the performances at perhaps the most iconic of the era’s large, outdoor music festivals.  All maps are dynamic and contain numerous filtering options.   Enjoy! 

Bands/artists who performed at Drew for the years not At Drew

Concerts on college campuses, 1967-1971

Bands/artists who performed at Monterey Pop Festival & Woodstock for the years 1967-1971